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2002-05-18 - 2:51 a.m.

We are still pseudo-bickering, and I'm getting the sinking feeling that it won't be resolved for another 8 weeks, when Pookie is finished his workterm and actually has some time to consider what he's saying when he says he's always worried about me not doing crucial, critically important things and that he feels like if it weren't for him, nothing would get done.

The really frustrating thing is that in a lot of ways he's right. For every thing I can mention that I -have- done (including working so we can pay for things like rent and food, getting his student loan form signed, cleaning the apartment roughly once a week, mailing my mom's mother's day card), he has a task that I -haven't- done, (income tax, dropping off student loan form, getting my health card).

I have a tendancy to slack off, true, but I am light years ahead from where I was even a year and a half ago. I actually do about half the things on my list, and it's kind of frustrating to see that I am making progress and am closer to the man I want to be and then have him say it's not good enough and gives him undue stress.

But I guess that goes back to the "soft place to land" thing. We can't expect the best from each other all the time.

But he is -so- going to get a whack upside the head if he hasn't cooled off by next week.


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